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This Friday Foodies is a bit of a cheat! It’s not a recipe – just a suggestion/restaurant review/life blog. We’ve been living in Korea for 3 years and the food which both James and I enjoy the most is Galbi. This is also known as Korean Barbecue.

You buy servings of meat, beef or pork usually, and then you cook it over a small barbecue which is recessed into the table. The meat can be seasoned or plain, and you get lots of different side dishes which are included in the price of the meat, as well as a dish of soy sauce to dip your meet and veg in. These side dishes are usually, kimchi (spicy seasoned cabbage), shredded green onions, sliced garlic, pickled radish, SsamJjang (a delicious soy based sauce), pickled onions, raw onions, salad…and sometimes you get corn salad or something more western like pasta salad.

Once the meat is cooked you wrap it in a lettuce leaf and/or nettle leaf and add any extras you want – garlic/onions/sauce etc – wrap it up into a delicious little parcel and stuff it into your mouth as fast as humanly possible!

Last night we went out for Galbi with some friends to celebrate our birthday. The meat was delicious, and cheap! The four of us had 10 servings of beef (plus 2 freebies), 3 beers, one bottle of Makeoli (rice wine), a portion of Nengmyeon (cold rice noodles) and a coke all for $60/£30!! I don’t think it would actually be possible to buy all the ingredients and make it myself for less money!

If you can find a Korean restaurant in your city – or if you ever come to Korea – Galbi is a food it’s worth going out of your way for!

Abi xox

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