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Today i headed to Daegu with James, it’s a city about one and a half hours north of Ulsan, where we live. It’s a great shopping city, so i thought i’d do a little blog photo essay to show you what we got up to. I’ve split it into three parts, this is part one, the ‘general’ category, part two will be a little inside look into some Korean cosmetic brands, and part 3 will be pictures and swatches from the stuff i bought!

Fountain by the Lotte Department Store

A South Korean Soldier

A homeless man sleeping in the shade

Daegu Market

An underground shopping mall connected to the Daegu subway

This shop is called ‘Cinderella’ and i think the clothes look like things that Cinderella would have worn after marrying the Prince Charming!

The next few pictures are from a store called ‘Art Box’ – which is basically just full of really cool, cute, fun stuff!The Art Box wish tree

And here is James!

And a random Nun on a payphone!!

Abi xox

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