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One of the best things about shopping in Korea is the amount of free stuff you get! Even if you just spend a couple of dollars you usually get a free box of cotton wool pads or a sample of a new product that’s coming soon. If you spend a bit more money you can come away with a LOT more stuff. I bought a couple of lip glosses from Aritaum, which i showed in my last haul, and the freebie i got was a 5 piece set of the new IOPE Moistgen range, then about a week later a friend bought some IOPE stuff online and gave me her samples, which happened to include another 5 piece Moistgen set.

Here is my video review – including a step by step usage guide;

The Moistgen line is a deeply moisturizing lint that rejuvenates moist and bright skin by deeply moisturizing it and preventing dehydration with IOPE’s moisturizing ingredient, Moistgen.”

Moistgen is one of IOPE’s skin compounds which contains Salicornia extract (also known as Samphire) and Arabidopsis extract.

The set includes (in ‘use’ order);

  • Moistgen Essential Softener (15ml) – Enriched skin softener that makes dry skin moist and smooth instantly.
  • Moistgen Essential Serum (5ml) – The serum gently covers dry skin and reinvigorates moist and supple skin.
  • Moistgen Essential Eye Cream (3ml) – Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize and smoothe thin and dry skin around the eyes, while beta-glucan firms the skin.
  • Moistgen Essential Emulsion (15ml) – Stable ceramide SLN ingredients strengthen the skin protection barrier and control oil-water balance.
  • Moistgen Essential Cream (5ml) – With a gently melting formula, the cream forms a plant-based moisturizing layer to revitalize rough and dry skin into smooth and lustrous skin.

When I first started using this range I was concerned that it would be too rich or too hydrating for my oily/combination skin. I had been using a very light moisturiser, aimed at troubled skin, which I felt nourished my skin but didn’t give me that soft/supple moisturised feeling. I felt that, as someone who had skin prone to acne, I couldn’t have clear skin and hydrated skin, I was working on the assumption I had to sacrifice one for the other.

The first day, I cleansed my face as usual then used all 5 of the products in the suggested order. The next day I woke up and my skin still felt very hydrated, I wasn’t used to that feeling and I was worried that the products were going to make me very oily and greasy and spotty. However I continued to use them both morning and night, after cleansing.

I became more and more surprised, although my skin felt hydrated and moisturised, it wasn’t that greasy feeling I had associated with moisturiser before. My skin started to feel incredibly soft, and not just after using the products, after cleansing I really notice a big difference in the texture of my skin. Even halfway through the day, my skin still felt hydrated and supple.

I haven’t experienced any break outs from these products. I haven’t had perfect trouble-free skin, but I haven’t noticed a particular negative effect as a result of using this range. I have still had outbreaks, but these were not aggravated by the Moistgen range, I did not feel like I had an increase in oiliness either. I also think that because my skin is so well hydrated, that once any spots started to heal, I didn’t have the same problem of dry flaky patches in the area where the outbreak was.

For me, the Softener and Eye Cream are the highlights of this range. As I mentioned I have definitely noticed a softening of my skin. The Eye Cream has also had a noticeable effect on my under eye area. I noticed a ‘plumping’ of that area which was quite ‘baggy’, I also noticed that make up applied better and lasted better, under my eyes than it had been.

I don’t think that I would purchase and use all 5 of these products everyday. A 5 step post-cleansing routine seems a little bit excessive to me, I think that the Emulsion and the Cream together are a bit of overkill. When I used this range I felt that once I got to the final step, my skin was at its capacity for cream absorption! The final cream step felt a bit redundant, but I would definitely continue using the softener, serum, eye cream and emulsion.

Except for one night and one morning, I used all 5 of these products every day since I got them on July 7th. The first set has lasted for 2 weeks, although I did finish the serum before the other items. I have put a conservative estimate for how long the full size products would last, according to my usage, in brackets after the prices below, bear in mind a little goes a long way with these products!


  • Softener – 200ml $37 (15 ml/2 weeks = 200 ml/26 weeks)
  • Serum – 50ml $50 (15 weeks)
  • Eye Cream – 25ml $45 (16 weeks)
  • Emulsion – 150ml $40 (20 weeks)
  • Cream – 50ml $50 (20 weeks)

Abi xox

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